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Tekognition products have been sourced from Gravic, Inc. to offer organisations cost-effective solutions with respect to data entry, forms processing, data conversion and information retrieval for paper or web based environments. Such solutions consist of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) software. Tekognition is staffed by personnel with over 18 years of accumulated recognition technology experience. For paper based data processing. we can advise on the most prudent solution by matching both hardware -scanners and relevant software to your specific needs.
OCR allows users to scan any text based hardcopy with the subsequent image file being translated into various ASCII file formats, word-processing or spreadsheet file formats as an efficient means of data transfer.

OMR is similar to OCR except that marks are recognised instead of text. Thus any survey, questionaire or just about any multi-response based forms etc. can be efficiently processed via recognised templates for data transfer into databases/spreadsheets for subsequent detailed analysis. The concept is so flexible and cost-effective -no expensive form designing software is required, just a good WP application, a standard laser printer plus a scanner. Gravic's Remark solutions have been developed over the last 20+ years and are applicable to both paper and web based operations. Most applicable to areas of education, medical, local government, recruitment, market research and even stock control plus Best Value environments. For further details and assistance, please refer to the Remark Products page.

Please explore the content of this site to assist you in making a fully informed assessment of the various solutions. If you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us on 01562 883511 or e-mail us.

We can supply both Fujitsu/Panasonic USB duplex document TWAIN scanners that offer reliable compatible operation with Remark Office OMR. As a guide only, an A4 40+ppm duplex unit rated at over 2000 sheets per day with a 75 page sheet feeder costs £560 (RRP £790); an A3/4 40+ppm duplex unit rated at over 4000 sheets per day with a 100 page document feeder costs £1725 (RRP £2175). Please note, as hardware specifications & prices tend to vary on a regular basis, we suggest you contact us for our latest special pricing.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT If you have 7/8000 forms per year to manually process, then by automating data capture using Remark Office and the A4 duplex scanner referenced above, you should obtain a ROI of less than a year.

All prices quoted above exclude delivery/insurance charges & VAT.
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NEW! Remark Office OMR10
Now shipping at a cost of £1320 plus VAT. Price includes 1year technical support and maintenance.
To upgrade from v9.0 and earlier, please 
contact us for prices. 

here to learn about Remark Office OMR.

Remark Web Survey v5.0
Now shipping at a cost of £1225 plus VAT. Available to approved educational users at a reduced price.

To upgrade from v4.0 and earlier, please 
contact us for pricing.

Click here to learn about Remark Web Survey.

Please Note:-
Document scanner prices and specifications are always changing, so please contact us for the latest details. Any variation in exchange rates can affect the price of our products, so we reserve the right to modify our pricing at any time to reflect those variations. All prices quoted above include delivery/insurance charges BUT exclude VAT.