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Remark Office OMR® the leading OMR Windows based forms-processing software package for evaluations, surveys, assessments, and tests. The software recognizes optical marks (bubbles and checkboxes), computer-generated characters (OCR) and barcodes. You can design your own forms using any word processor and print them on a supported printer. Scan your forms into Remark Office OMR using an image scanner, then the software will analyze or export the data to the application of your choice! It's that easy!

The Remark Office OMR software is widely used around the world in education, corporations, government agencies, non-profits and healthcare institutions. Each copy of the software includes Remark Quick Stats, a powerful reporting tool for grading tests or analyzing surveys. Reports for surveys include item analysis, item statistics, question group analysis, and more. For a test, the software will grade the tests and produce various reports on student, class and item performance on the test. Answer keys can be created and modified as needed so you can fine tune the grades by eliminating questions, changing/adding correct answers, providing partial credit and much more.

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Create and run your own web surveys with Remark Web Survey®. Your surveys will have your design, your branding and your URL. Create online evaluations, registrations, guest books, ballots, information request forms and any form you can imagine. And you don't have to learn HTML to do it. Remark Web Survey makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create, publish and gather results from online forms. For more information, click here.